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Alone we can do so little
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We are a trusted business partner that has helped small businesses grow their profits through collaboration & commitment

We offer an end-to-end solution so that you get the economies of scale and, more importantly, the benefit of having one partner that understands your business holistically and can help you in every avenue of your business

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What our clients say


Biz DNA made me realize that an idea without appropriate planning and premeditated execution was nothing more than a dream.

T. Mashiya, Ndzeko Holdings

Since our tenure, they have given me their unlimited time, resources and expertise to turn what was once a vision into a goal. With all the huddles that I encountered, Biz DNA continued by my side and never relinquished their position.

T. Mashiya, Ndzeko Holdings

Jeremiah has not only became my mentor, but he became a close friend, and this from my observation is what he does with all his clients.

T. Mashiya, Ndzeko Holdings
Our Clients

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